Team Vs Staff

We often hear companies call their employees “staff” and sometimes they classify them as a “team”.  You may be thinking why does this matter and what’s the difference?   Calling your employees ‘your team’ psychologically reinforces: Be a team player, have fun and interact Help and provide support to colleagues with gratitude Motivate others and…

Hiring with a budget?

Hiring with a budget? Here at Gotcha Recruitment Solutions, we continue to help employers recruit who have a budget in mind, however, is this the best way to approach recruitment?  Some would say “yes” and some may say “no”.  Many companies have different opinions, however, a line manager should consider “budget v speed of filling…

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10 Interview Tips to Combat Nerves

Know your CV. Think of examples where you’ve achieved something in specific companies, that reflects what they are looking for in the Job Description. This shows evidence, not hypothetical reasoning, giving the interviewer reassurance that you can do whats needed, also, it will show you’ve prepared and will give you added confidence that you CAN do it.